Un articol despre cauzele psihologice ale atractiei exercitate asupra unora de liderii fundamentalisti, de genul extremistilor islamisti de care auzim din pacate atâtea. O explicatie coerenta, furnizata de o specialista în Transactional Analysis, Analiza transactionala.

The Attraction of Fundamentalism

Fundamentalism seems to be growing around the world. Under the mantle of religion, over sure fundamentalist leaders claim special authority, allegedly derived from God (via the Koran, the Bible, or other means). They then define morality for their followers in accordance with their particular version of Truth. Allegiance to this system becomes equated with finding a „true” religion that meets the person’s spiritual needs.

In fact, the word „morality” comes from the Latin „mores,” which means customs rather than anything spiritual. However, fundamentalist religious groups use „morality” to define right and wrong according to their particular standards, which include specific labels for what is „good” or „bad” sexual and social behavior.

In this way, a fundamentalist leader achieves psychological control over followers, many of whom are relieved to find that by adhering to the leader’s definitions of morality, right and wrong and good and evil seem clear. As individuals they no longer have to struggle with the kind of complex internal debates about honest moral choices that most of us face daily.

In Masks of Authoritarian Power, Kramer and Alstad (1993) point out that in general „the glue that holds every society together is its morality” (p. 159). However, „when the fabric of society, including its moral underpinnings, begins to break down, the desire to return to the familiar and secure is inevitable” (p. 163). Yet, they tell us, „The old moral order was not originally fundamentalist…. It was simply the old order” (p. 166).

Fundamentalism, however, defines the old order idyllically because it seeks to counter the uncertainty of the postmodern world.

To believe that certainty and emotional security will result from going back to an old order is an illusion, because that old order never truly existed, although it functioned as a system of belief and/or structure wherever there were rulers with absolute power.

Author: Fanita ENGLISH, The Lure of Fundamentalism



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