Hildegard von Bingen, September 17

By Heinz Putter, 4 years ago, commentary to this video

Already at an early age of three years, Hildegard, as she described it later, „seen a great light so that my soul trembled” (Vita, p 64).

In the encounter with the light – called later by herself the „Living Light” – she looked and saw things that you yourselves long remained invisible to others and incomprehensible.

„In the year 1141 of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ when I was 42 years and seven months old, came down with a fiery light lightning lights the sky. It flowed through my brain and my chest was burning. And suddenly opened up to me the meaning of the Scriptures … And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write down what you see and hear „… And again elsewhere:” I see all these things not with extraocular and they do not listen to the outer ear; I see it rather solely in my heart, but with physical eyes open, so that I never suffer the unconsciousness of ecstasy, but awake I look at it day and night.”

Let us all be aware of the light of love that warms our hearts and unites us there!

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